Load Backup Exec powershell module

Import-Module BEMCLI

Check Symantec BackupExec agent is installed
WMIC PRODUCT where “Name like ‘%Exec%'” get Name

Show active jobs

Get-BEActiveJobDetail | out-gridview

Pause/put jobs on hold with EOM in the title

Get-BEJob *EOM* | Suspend-BEJob

Resume/unhold jobs with EOM in the title

Get-BEJob *EOM* | Resume-BEJob

Show details of active jobs

Get-BEActiveJobDetail | format-list -Property Name, ProcessedBytes, CurrentFile


Backup Exec list jobs export to CSV

Run Backup Exec Command Line Interface

“C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\CLILauncher.exe”

Get-BEjob | out-gridview

Get-BEjob | Export-Csv -Path C:\jobs.csv


Backup Exec – all Get commands

Get-Command -Module BEMCLI -Verb Get

Get-BEJob –status onhold

Backup Exec – get all servers and whether they’ve backed up or not



Disable pending reboot for BE Agent

Rename the “Reboot” key in HKLM\Software\Symantec. Start the service, then name the key back to “Reboot” and restart the server later.

Stop active jobs with “GEN8” in the name

get-bejob -Status Active *GEN8* | stop-BEjob